Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More about the Rabbit

Pixie, my new rabbit, has been keeping me quite amused. I did some research last night and learned that she is a dwarf rabbit, so luckily she is going to stay small and keep this vivacious, curious personality that she has. Of course, I have no actual clue as to her gender, but I wanted a female rabbit, so I'm calling her a girl. She never leaves any droppings outside of her cage or marks territory, so I could be right.

For those who were wondering why a white rabbit's name is Pixie Midnight (sounds a bit like a showgirl name, actually!), allow me to explain. Her name is Pixie because she's little and sprightly like a pixie, and Midnight because I bought her at midnight. Also, I thought naming a white rabbit Midnight would be humorous.

So far, Pixie has shown no interest in chewing the furniture, but she would love a chance to nibble at electrical cords! She has a nice little cage in my laundry/refrigerator room, and I keep the sliding glass door open during the day to make sure it doesn't get too hot in there. When I'm home, I give her about an hour or two each day of unsupervised play time in a barricaded area where she can't get into trouble. There were a few escapes at first, but now I've learned how to outsmart a little rabbit. Her favorite things seem to be sliding on the floor (she gets a running start and slides - it's hilarious), having her ears scratched, and nibbling at asparagus ends (the hard part that you cut off). Today I learned that she loves bananas as well.


~ M A R I P O S A ~ said...

Hey Girlie! Pixie is the cutest thing since Fraggles! I'll have to get a pet ASAP once I get to Korea. I get lonely quickly- speaking of leaving- my flight in is in the morning- I'm scared outa my wits!

Stephanie said...

Best of luck to you!

"Passage—immediate passage! the blood burns in my veins! Away, O soul! hoist instantly the anchor!
Cut the hawsers—haul out—shake out every sail!
Have we not stood here like trees in the ground long enough?
Have we not grovell’d here long enough, eating and drinking like mere brutes?
Have we not darken’d and dazed ourselves with books long enough?

Sail forth! steer for the deep waters only!
Reckless, O soul, exploring, I with thee, and thou with me;
For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared to go, And we will risk the ship, ourselves and all.

O my brave soul!
O farther, farther sail!
O daring joy, but safe! Are they not all the seas of God?
O farther, farther, farther sail!"

~Walt Whitman, "Passage to India"