Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just to Clear up Any Confusion...

Because I frequently post about plans on here, and my plans have a habit of changing, it can sometimes be a little hard to keep up with me! So, just to clear up things for my dear readers...

While I did get accepted to graduate school, I originally was not offered an assistantship. I was named an alternate, which left me with no funding to pay for my master's degree. Since I could not justify going so deeply into debt with the current economic state of the country (and the rest of the world), I decided to put in job applications. Owing to my purchase of a new car, I knew that I had to limit my search to the USA and Canada. I sent out a few "feeler" resumes to some private schools (I would rather strap my head to the underside of a garbage truck than teach in a public school), just to see if I could generate any interest. Within days, I was hearing back from interested schools. After about two weeks of sending out resumes, and having only sent out about ten or so, I had already turned down one offer and accepted an offer from a school that I never imagined would want me!

Let me explain that last statement: I do believe that I am a good teacher (my former students and former director have said so), but I am not yet certified, and I have only a major to work with (no minor). Since the position called for teaching both history and English, I figured that they would not think me qualified to teach English (even though I honestly believe that I am). Also, I am young and have only a year of experience as a teacher, so I assumed that someone with more experience would be snatched up. I was surprised and delighted beyond belief when ECS showed interest in me, and I almost cried with joy when the headmaster offered me the position. I guess passion for the subjects really is worth something!

One week after signing the contract with ECS, I was contacted by Liberty and offered the assistantship that I had previously wanted. Since I always honor my agreements, and since I know that ECS is where I am supposed to go, I made the decision to turn down Liberty's offer. Since Manassas is too far from Lynchburg to allow me to commute, I am deferring my enrollment for a little while. I am going to take a few CEUs (continuing education units) in English, just to improve my skill in teaching that subject, and then next year (Lord willing) I will get back to work on the master's degree (part-time and most likely through the distance learning program).

I am very excited about the opportunity awaiting me in Manassas, and even more excited to be returning to my favorite state of the USA - Virginia. Michigan has its moments, but Virginia is everything wonderful about the USA, all rolled into one glorious and beautiful state.

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