Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Frustrations

Woe is me!  After spending more than an hour online tracking down the cord to my digital camera when I first arrived here, I was convinced that that would solve my problem of being unable to access pictures off my camera.  The cord arrived today . . . and it was the wrong cord.  In short, the seller lied about it being right for my camera.  I went to Sony's website only to discover that they won't ship here.  The cord on Amazon that I recognize by sight as being the correct one also only ships within the US.  I checked to see if my new school laptop had a slot that would fit my memory card -- again, no luck.  Finally, I realized that the only way I'll have any pictures in China is to break down and order yet another camera (making a grand total of three cameras in my possession, one of which doesn't work).  Grrrrr!  So, I broke down and ordered another camera (if I buy it here, it'll be entirely in Chinese and will cost more than what I spent online, including the cost of shipping).

To my "delight", I also discovered that I left the cord to my digital photo frame back in the USA, so there is no way to use it.  This just isn't my day for electronics.

Yuck Duck:  This entire situation with cameras.
Yay Duck:  I got a lot done in my classroom today, including significant progress on the massive 13-foot-long bulletin board.

It just occurred to me; I had camera troubles in Korea, too (fell off my bike and damaged my digital camera, then had to buy another one)!  Is this just my lot to bear when I live oversees? I have this sudden image of myself at a ripe old age, surrounded by cameras, each acquired in a different country that I lived in.

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Jen said...

Yes, I read your blog. Because I'm kind of a creeper.

So, I'm quite sure you'll be able to find a cord here if you're camera is a pretty well known brand. I (and I'm sure the Chinese staff) can suggest a couple of places for you to take a look if you want.

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