Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why Is There So Much Blood in My Classes?!

I am really glad that I took that American Red Cross first aid training years seems to be paying off in spades. For some reason, my dear, eager young pupils can't seem to stop bleeding in my classes!

Two weeks ago, my sweet little Grace in E2-C lost her tooth during a game. Then, two days later, the poor angel had a nose bleed of Biblical proportions (I honestly didn't know the kid had that much blood in her). Luckily, I know exactly what to do for nose bleeds, but it still took a while to get it to stop. I have to give Grace credit; she never shed a tear and was completely trusting of me to "fix it" for her.

A few weeks ago, Tim, one of my boys in E2-A, had a horrific gash in his leg (the sort of thing I would have done as a child...okay, as an adult, too) that he had gotten over the weekend. Unfortunately, his wrapped bandage kept coming off in class over the course of the week. So, every day Tim would come hobbling to me to fix his bandage (I've had LOADS of practice).

I also get more than my fair share of kids running to me with paper cuts, bite wounds (from classmates and occasionally siblings - for the record, the actual biting has never occurred in my classes), over-scratched insect bites, and, on one field trip, four kindies with skinned knees (that was almost comical - they were walking in a line and one in back fell down, causing a domino effect).

Today I had two blood-sightings. Sam wanted me to "fix" his bleeding finger (which Jay had either bitten or scratched between classes - the story was a bit hard to follow with seven children telling me at the same time). Then, when I was right in the middle of telling the children the story of "The Pied Piper of Hamelin," Liz lost her tooth. That's the third tooth to fall out in one of my classes in less than a month! I told Cate that at this rate, all of my students are going to be toothless!

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"Passage—immediate passage! the blood burns in my veins! Away, O soul! hoist instantly the anchor!
Cut the hawsers—haul out—shake out every sail!
Have we not stood here like trees in the ground long enough?
Have we not grovell’d here long enough, eating and drinking like mere brutes?
Have we not darken’d and dazed ourselves with books long enough?

Sail forth! steer for the deep waters only!
Reckless, O soul, exploring, I with thee, and thou with me;
For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared to go, And we will risk the ship, ourselves and all.

O my brave soul!
O farther, farther sail!
O daring joy, but safe! Are they not all the seas of God?
O farther, farther, farther sail!"

~Walt Whitman, "Passage to India"