Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Festivities at School

I had a lot of fun working on Christmas Eve. In the morning, we combined the two kindergarten classes. We had the kids make reindeer antlers to wear, and then made "houses" out of bread, crackers, cookies, and etc. When you see the pictures, you'll understand why I used quotation marks. After that, we had the kindergarten gift exchange, which concluded with Cate handing out presents from the school to the kids (big plastic stockings filled with treats). The kindies were extremely affectionate, wanting to hug me or be on my lap almost constantly (especially Liz, one of the sweetest girls). The highlight of the morning for me was Liz informing me, "Teacher, BIG I love you!" and ten other little voices chiming in in agreement.
The boys in my older kindergarten class: Sam, Eddy, and Issac
My sweet Liz
Hard at work! They got so messy!
Pretty girls, Erin and Lynn
Cali and Amy, the girls in my little class.
My boys: Harry (the affectionate monster), Jay (the adorable loner), Eddy (a bit hyper, but loads of fun), Sam (probably the smartest kindie boy), Issac (just a sweet kid).
My girls: Liz (the sweetest), Cali (the most obedient child I have ever seen), Erin (very smart and a sweetheart as well), Amy (the littlest and cutest), Lynn (the best memorizer I have ever seen), Amber (not particularly obedient, but she's very bright).

Since every afternoon class is divided into two parts (one half hour with the native-English-speaking teacher and one half hour with the Korean teacher), Cate decided that the first half of each class would be a snack party, with juice boxes provided by the school, and the second half would be a game class. Since eating junk food isn't quite enough to keep kids amused for half an hour, I had crafts for my snack party classes to make while they were eating. For the game classes, Cate provided wrapped Christmas presents and candy for us to use as prizes. The presents included holiday headbands (for girls - although it was pretty funny when these were won by boys), pencils, diary books, and winter hats (the really cute ones popular here, which look like animals).

Here are some of my favorite kids from the afternoon classes (I have about thirty favorites, but I just picked the most photogenic favorites):
Lucy, the older sister of my kindergarten monster, Harry. Thankfully, Lucy is sweet and obedient.
Lydia, a shy and lovable little tomboy.
Lenny, one of my most helpful boys - he always carries my basket for me.
Robin, the boy who makes me laugh the most. The way he walks and moves reminds me of Dick Van Dyke's character Bert in Mary Poppins!
Julia and Grace: Julia is talkative and friendly, and Grace is a cute little smarty with flawless pronunciation
Tracy, my child prodigy. She speaks English like a native speaker, and is lots of fun to teach.
Lisa and Gloria, from my best-behaved class, E4-B. These two almost fall out of their seats with eagerness whenever I need a reader or ask a question!
Ray, Liz's older brother. He's sweet like his sister, and is always in a good mood and eager to learn.
Alice and Monica: Alice is Lydia's older sister, and is a very kind older sister. Monica has the best pronunciation in her class (E3-D), even though she only just started.
Rachel, the one I think of as my "mini-me." She always writes about twice as much as I ask for on homework, and likes to talk to me between class. Love this girl!
Lovely Lisa, who I am convinced will be a knock-out in a few years. She's quiet, shy, and very nice.

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Cut the hawsers—haul out—shake out every sail!
Have we not stood here like trees in the ground long enough?
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~Walt Whitman, "Passage to India"