Friday, February 19, 2010

Good News for a Change

The doctor called a little while ago with the results from the x-rays and, thank goodness, my hand is not broken after all. I apparently have a large blood clot pressing down on nerves and veins. The doctor's office said that I am to keep my hand splinted for another two to three weeks, and they want me to consider physical therapy. Physical therapy is too expensive, so I'm just going to go the cheap route and pick up a stress ball.

In other good news, my ROTC lab got cancelled today and the neighbors' dog either passed out from lack of air or died, so now I have more time to get reading done, and peace in which to do it. Time to brew some tea and get to work!

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"Passage—immediate passage! the blood burns in my veins! Away, O soul! hoist instantly the anchor!
Cut the hawsers—haul out—shake out every sail!
Have we not stood here like trees in the ground long enough?
Have we not grovell’d here long enough, eating and drinking like mere brutes?
Have we not darken’d and dazed ourselves with books long enough?

Sail forth! steer for the deep waters only!
Reckless, O soul, exploring, I with thee, and thou with me;
For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared to go, And we will risk the ship, ourselves and all.

O my brave soul!
O farther, farther sail!
O daring joy, but safe! Are they not all the seas of God?
O farther, farther, farther sail!"

~Walt Whitman, "Passage to India"